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The Katz Roadshow is a unique, strategic partnership of leading manufacturers and installation specialists. We provide hands-on training clinics for professionals at lumberyards across America, encouraging tradesmen to take their craft and profession seriously.

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Sample Event Schedule:

Sample Event Schedule

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Contact us for a complete list of past Katz Roadshow host locations, detailed information on ROI, sponsor participation, sponsor benefits, and more!

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THE KATZ ROADSHOW, Marketing through Education

We have produced over 200 shows since 2003. We now produce approximately 30 Katz Roadshow Sponsored Events each year (supported by the Katz Roadshow Sponsors). In 2012, we also produced 15 Private Label events—sponsored by a single manufacturer or a dealer—and 5 Special Events—charity or trade show events.

Every Katz Roadshow event includes a hot breakfast at 7:30 a.m; two one-hour presentations in the morning; a box lunch; and two one-hour presentations in the afternoon. There is no fee to attend a Katz Roadshow. For lumber or tool dealers, there is no fee to host a Katz Roadshow Sponsored Event.


Attendance at our events averages 80-100, with some events exceeding 200 professional contractors and carpenters (Kuiken Brothers, TW Perry, La Valley Building Supply, Marvic Supply, Riverhead Building Supply, Ring's End Lumber, Zuern Building Products, Siewers Lumber & Millwork, and more.)

80% of the attendees at our events do not subscribe to national trade magazines.

80% of the attendees at our events—even at yards where we have produced multiple events for many years—have never attended a Katz Roadshow (we see fresh faces at every event).


Our presenters are frequent contributors and Contributing Editors to Fine Homebuilding, The Journal Of Light Construction, Professional Deck Builder, Coastal Contractor, Tools of the Trade, and THISisCarpentry.com; each of our presenters appears regularly at JLC LIVE, IBS, The Remodeling Show, and major builder association events.

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Gary Katz started the Roadshow in 2003. His presentations continue to specialize in Finish Carpentry Clinics.

Durable Exterior Trim: Working with PVC and Wood
Waterproof Windows & Doors: From Sheathing to Trim
Wainscoting and Paneling: Upgrades for Every Home
Conquering Crown Molding: Measuring, Cutting and Installation Techniques
Hanging a New Door in an Old Jamb: Profit Centers for One-man Crews
Problem-free Pre-fit Doors: Production Techniques for Custom Homes
Making Mantelpieces: Architecture for Finish Carpetenters

In 2006, Mike Sloggatt joined the Roadshow. Mike presents Frame to Finish Carpentry Clinics, focused on providing remodelers with both hi-tech and seasoned techniques for tackling today's tough jobsites.

Engineered Floor Systems: I-joists, Laminated Lumber, & Solid Timbers
Waterproof Windows & Doors: Housewrap Specs, Sill Pans, Adhesives & Sealants
Solving Porch Problems: Ledgers, Hangers & Hardware, Stair Layout
Circular Work: Elliptical Layout and Construction
Circular Work: Site-built Sunburst
Advanced Framing: Production Techniques for Wall Framing
Cutting Roofs: Rafters, Framing Squares, and Calculators
Managing Moisture: Floors, Walls, & Roof Systems

Rick Arnold is the most recent addition to our team of expert presenters. Rick came on board in 2011, presenting Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building Clinics. Ricks' presentations meet the need of educating carpenters and contractors about recent code changes, sustainable construction systems, and improved energy efficiency. These clinics are now known as our Durable Building Clinics.

Advanced & Sustainable Framing: Less Material = Less Labor
Code Compliance: Sealing the Envelope
Weather Resistant Wall Systems: Housewrap, Windows, Insulation & Siding
Sealing Roofs & Attics: Penetrations, Ice Damns, Flashing
Exterior Stair Framing: Layout for Modern Decking
Durable Exterior Trim: PVC & Wood Installation
Waterproof Windows & Doors: Housewrap Specs, Sill Pans, Adhesives & Sealants

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The Katz Roadshow is the only marketing device of its kind. In a tightening market, the Roadshow is the easiest and most effective way for my associates to open new distribution sources and strengthen relationships with our current dealers.
- Craig Flynn, President & CEO, WindsorONE

I personally attended a Katz Roadshow Preshow Meeting in Atlanta recently. At the meeting, our Atlanta sales rep and I wrote a $2,400 order. This may not sound so unusual except that this was the first order ever written for this particular dealer. We wouldn't have even had the opportunity had we not attended the Katz Roadshow Preshow Meeting!
- Gary Scandiff, Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Stabila

I recently went to an event in Idaho and was so impressed with the enthusiastic crowd. I noticed a very good response from all the contractors I spoke to, and our sales at this location will definitely increase as a result of the Katz Roadshow exposure. Mike even got me involved during his presentation, asking me from across the room if I had a line receiver. We demonstrated the unit picking up the line from about 100 ft. I then had a couple of minutes to explain the outdoor/pulsating line feature to the crowd. It was absolutely worth our time to participate—great exposure and informative one-on-one conversations with the end-users.
- Bob Koenig, Sales Representative, Stabila

On a gloomy, wet New England day, over 150 woodworkers, builders, and remodelers ignored the rain and 50-degree weather to spend the entire day under a 2,400 square foot tent with Gary. For several weeks following, our sales staff received numerous words of gratitude and inquiries about signing up for the next Katz Roadshow. Gary speaks their language and demonstrates time-saving techniques they can understand and relate to their businesses. We have featured the Katz Roadshow at our events since 2002. We share in Gary's vision of providing knowledge and expertise to the trade. Our customer's success is an important part of our success and knowledge is the most important tool we can provide for them.
- Tony Calistro, Ring's End Lumber

I wanted to thank you on behalf of our lumberyard and our customers. I have received a lot of great feedback and compliments since we hosted a recent Katz Roadshow event. We sure sold a lot of Festool—probably our single biggest Festool sales day ever.
- Randy Hass, Austin Hardwoods

I didn't ask what we sold the day of the show because I've always treated your stuff differently—the Katz Roadshow isn't about salesmen pitching products. It's about craftsmen teaching people the best way to build. I always want to host a Katz Roadshow because—and maybe it's ego—I want people to like us. I want customers endeared to us. Nothing makes me feel better than someone telling me, "You're the only people that care!"
- Bob Fisher, President, Evanston Lumber

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