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In 2006, the Katz Roadshow expanded: Apart from Gary's Finish Carpentry Clinics, Roadshow events would now include Rough Carpentry Clinics with Mike Sloggatt.

Today, these events are known as Frame to Finish Carpentry Clinics. Mike's clinics focus on providing remodelers with both hi-tech and seasoned techniques for tackling today’s tough jobsites.


Sample Frame to Finish Carpentry Event Schedule:

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During each break, catch up on the latest tools and materials that will help you improve your bottom line and put a smile on your face while you work.


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A huge thanks for the carpentry clinic I attended last year. Mike Sloggatt broke things down and I ended up using so much of what I had learned while building a deck last summer. Without the clinic I might've made a few mistakes. We are in an ever changing business and there is always some other way to do things better, faster, and safer—the right way. Keep up the great work.
- Gordon Wasson, Gordon Wasson Services, Massachusetts

Mike Sloggatt is a Wizard at math and angles. I wish he'd been my math teacher in high school!
- Gary Katz

Mike is awesome, very knowledgeable. His teaching will improve how I do framing and flashing.
- Bob Kutner, Kutner Associates Inc, Maryland

During Mike's last presentation, you could hear a pin drop!
- Bob Fisher, Evanston Lumber

We need more teachers like Mike in our field!
- Adam Metzger, Maryland

My business partner attended the show with me. He has more than thirty years of experience and he said he learned a lot of valuable information from Mike!
- Ron Krywanio, Illinois

My day could not have been spent better!
- Bruce, Illinois

Informative! Better than expected! The Katz Roadshow makes a guy feel good about his profession!
- Mike Boyts, Metzler Remodeling

I learned in one day what my former employers couldn't teach me in nine years!
- Tyson Berndt, R3 Home Renovation

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demonstrations at JLC Live, The Remodeling Show, IBS, lumberyards, and local NARI events.

He is a frequent contributor to the Journal of Light Construction magazine and writes for Fine Homebuilding and Tools of the Trade, in addition to moderating the JLC Rough Carpentry Forum.

Mike has more than thirty years of experience. He specializes in high-end, challenging remodels near his home on Long Island.



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